TR has suffered a major blow to all staff and players on a personal level, Justin Woodall, (aka: Wolf) has been taken from Us. Please visit his Memorial page

To login to Twilight Realm, copy and paste this code into your login.cfg file in your ultima Online folder:


then run your client. if you need a client and our link isnt working, please, get 3.0.0c from Sphere Files

We have switched to .55i. Anyone wishing to have an account, go to our instructions page and log in. PLEASE READ the RULES sections of this site for any and all changes.

Please get newer client 3.0.0c!: (June 24, 2001)

To get Our Client Please go to OurInstructions Page to learn how to use it.

Also, try Our Hues

And Our Verdata


Twilight Realm now has an IRC channel goto #UO to join the fun
If you do not have an IRC client get mIRC! and then join us!

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Twilight Realm Poll
What change would you most like to see?

Players starting over totally
A complete revision of the rules
Fixing of crash and bug problems.
More sphere features, added to the shard
Facets, Fellucca and Trammel
Playable Races
Experience Leveling

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