Twilight Realms Races Page

HUMANS: Humans are the most common of all races. they have no special abilities, but also have no special penalties. Their ability to adapt is unmatched.

ELVES: Elves are also a common race choice. Elves have the ability to make drugs like marijuana and cocaine from specific plant types. Elves are generally fun loving people, and tend to like the wilderness rather than the city.

DWARVES: Dwarves are the miners and blacksmiths of TR. They have special items that only they can use to boost their skills in smithing and mining that no other race can use.

DROW ELVES: The Drow are a mysterious race, they are close cousins to the elves, but are even more introverted. Drow elves tend to practice dark magery and shun all other races, making them very xenophobic.

HALF ORCS: Half Orcs are the offspring of Humans and Orcs, (cool huh?). They tend to be rather unattractive, and brutish, with fiery tempers. Half Orcs, make very good warriors, as long as they aren't looking to win a "most beautiful in TR" pageant.

VAMPIRES: Vampires, They are the physical remnants of some other race. A player can ONLY become a vampire if they drink a bottle of blood. Vampires have various abilities, but also have distinct penalties, like in the sunlight, a Vampire loses HALF of his strength. This race seems very cool, and gothic, but beware, vampires get hunted often.

GHOULS: Ghouls are the result of a Vampire "embracing" a person. Ghouls are servants to their vampire masters, until the vampire deems it time to give the ghoul a bottle of blood to make them a vampire.