Twilight Realms Player Hall of Fame

Player's Name Guild Background Alignment
Joshua DTR Joshua has been a player on TR for months. He has proven Himself to be one of the best that there is. Order
Samhain DTR Before joining DTR, Samhain was a well known and experienced player. Now, having bulk and power of DTR behind him, He truly is a force on this shard. Order
Sir Smokey II N/A Smokey is probably one of the oldest players on TR. His experience and dedication to TR demands applause. Standard
Rhiannon DTR Rhiannon has been on DTR for a goodly amount of time, Her experience in PVP, is what puts her on the level of the best players on TR. Order
King Finnegan AoC Another long time player on TR. King Finnegan is to be commended for his dedication to playing on TR. Tho, Lately King Finnegan has gone PK, He is still recognized as a great player. Chaos
Angel DTR When it comes to being a permanent player, Angel is a name that comes to mind. Angel, has been a force to be reckoned with for months on TR, and probably will into the far future. Order
Darth Maul SL Not alot is known about this player. But when it comes to being feared as a PK, He has cornered the market. No one on TR has more kills than this individual. Standard
Titus :P Titus, is a well known and respected player on TR. He has been around for many months. Standard
Fiendo DTR Fiendo. Well, what can you say about Fiendo? Back in the day, Feindo was THE man to go to to have armor made. Fiendo came to TR and began a very lucrative business as armorer. He is a long time player, and a respected one. Order