Rules of the Twilight Realm!

Here is a brief overview of our rules:


1) PVP (player vs. player) and PK (Player killing) are NOT allowed in any guarded towns.
Minoc, and Buc's Den are both unguarded, so kill each other in those places. HOWEVER, Rez killing is illegal everywhere! This means: You may kill another player, and will receive a criminal or murder count, but if you follow the ghost to the rez boat or healer and kill them again, you are committing a "GM punishable" crime! If the slain player runs to get "rezzed" and returns to either attack you, or to stop you from looting his/her body, that player may be killed. If the slain player returns to loot his/her equipment but does not confront you violently (i.e. attack you), They are to be allowed to loot what they can from their own body without fear of being killed again.

2) Macroing is legal. And unattended macroing is NOT allowed. 3rd party programs like UOAutopilot will be allowed. But your character MUST always be present.. NO unattended macroing will be allowed.

3) DO NOT ask GMs to sell things to you. We will not sell items at all. Coloring of armor will NOT be allowed. We will offer these items for quest prizes. There are dying tubs for Armor dying.

4) If you die while fighting monsters and are unable to reach your belongings, DO NOT page for help. You will be ignored. Our philosophy on this matter is : if you get yourself into it, you are on your own getting out of it.

5) We do NOT have a telecenter or portals to different towns! If you wish to go to another town you may either: walk, ride, recall or sail there. Do NOT ask a gm to send you there. There is ONE travel stone in Britain. It is a one way deal, and costs 100gp to use.

6) Use of the Provocation skill on other players in town in order to "Guard Kill" them is a crime.

7) Taming of Drakes and Dragons IS disabled due to script problems.

8) DO NOT icq GM's with your "in game" problems! That is why we have a paging system.

9) Snooping inside ANY town is strictly illegal. Unless permission is given by the intended "victim". Snooping outside of town is totally legal. Players will then have the ability to stop the offending person with whatever means they deem necessary.

10) Looting is legal on this shard. Except during quests, A quest looter will be dealt with SEVERELY!

11) Use of bugs and Exploits.. is STRICTLY prohibited! If caught doing so the penalty will be harsh.

12) Breaking into player homes is legal. A player's home is his only sanctuary on this shard. Any form of breaking into a player's home through UNNATURAL MEANS (I.E.,Bug use or an Exploit) is illegal. If you are caught using a bug or exploit, (I.E. killing yourself in a doorway to then be rezzed inside..etc...) you are in violation of the law. And will be dealt with HARSHLY. Use of lockpicking is allowed. Do not try to use an exploit to break into a house and then claim you picked the lock, to pick a house lock requires a certain level of skill that GM's are aware of. And they will be able to tell you are lying.

13) House placement is restricted to areas OUTSIDE of towns. Do not place your house directly in the way of common attractions, like dungeons, graveyards.. etc. These homes will be redeeded and given to the player for replacement.So please save US and yourself the time and energy and place your house wisely.

PENALTIES for crimes:

Currently, ALL violations of law are subject to newbification. ANY especially egregious violations, can be dealt with even more severely, such as: newbification AND total deletion of ALL owned items. Therefore, you can end up as a newborn all over again with no items to your name or bank account.

ALL Penalties may be accompanied by a large fine of gold, the amount is subject to GM's discretion.

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