Twilight Realms Quest Page

Current Quest:

The current quest in TR is the Blood Bottle Quest. This is the back story to it:

During the battle of Trinsic, Lord Dupre, acting on behalf of Lord British, led britannian forces into Trinsic territory to do battle with the forces of Minax. Unbeknownst to Dupre, Minax had enlisted the aid of Caine the Vampire Lord. Caine had his undead forces lying in wait to flank the britannians. The plan went off perfectly. Caine was able to flank the forces led by Dupre, while Minax came from the front and demolished the remainder of Britains' forces. However, the legions of Serpent's Hold were on the move and they aided the britannians in defeating the evil Minax, but not until Caine had cornered Dupre, and the two did battle. Caine injured Dupre, and murdered and CONSUMED his Squire. Caine was making his escape when Dupre fired a crossbow, which tore open Caine's backpack, dropping a single bottle of blood. Dupre, passed out from his injuries, and awoke the next morning to see the carnage of the battle. And, unfortunately, to see a single Orc running with a red bottle in hand towards a boat headed for the islands. This is the quest, find the bottle of blood and give it to Dupre, so the royal alchemists may find a cure for vampirism. You are not commanded to return the bottle, you may keep it, but it is not recommended, it holds powers beyond mortal comprehension.